TIRTIR VC Glow Toning Mask (Brightening)

No-rinse, smooth, creamy mousse bubble texture | High-efficiency Vit-C | Clean dirt | Brighten | Passed skin low irritation test


TIRTIR VC Glow Toning Mask (80ml | 40ml)

🌟No-rinse, smooth creamy mousse bubble texture, added high-efficiency vitamin C, effectively clean dirt on the face, and has a brightening effect
🌟Perform deep skin brightening, blemishes, elasticity and whitening, and penetrate deep into the bottom of the skin through bubbles
🌟At the same time nourish the skin and create perfect radiant skin💧
🌟Passed the skin low irritation test and human body application test; sensitive skin can also be used with peace of mind

1. Shake the product up and down until the contents are well mixed
2. Stand the container upright, take an appropriate amount of air bubbles on the palm, and spread it gently on the face so that the air bubbles are absorbed
(Appropriate amount for one use: Use the cap amount [approximately 2 ml] over the entire face)
3. Only 2ml is needed each time, and one bottle can be used about 40 times



40, 80ml

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