TIRTIR OneDayOneShot Ampoule Hydrating 30ml

Eleven hyaluronic acids | Quick Moisture Charge | Hydrating | Pure Luminosity | Refreshing Citrus Scent


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TIRTIR OneDayOneShot Ampoule Hydrating (30ml)

Indulge your skin in a love affair with hydration like never before. Introducing the One Day One Shot Ampoule Hydrating 30ML, a passionate elixir that will sweep you off your feet and leave your skin glowing with desire.

This enchanting ampoule is a dream come true for those with dry, thirsty skin. Infused with the power of not one, not two, but eleven hyaluronic acids, it lavishes your skin with a surge of moisture, banishing tightness and leaving you with a complexion that radiates pure luminosity.

It is a beauty essence that you can choose and use according to the skin condition of the day. HYDRATING provides high moisturizing care with quick moisture charge when dry skin needs moisture. It’s a refreshing citrus scent.


Hydrating, Whitening

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