TIRTIR My Glow Aqua Cushion Blusher

Thin and transparent color easy for beginners | Water Bloom Glower TM – color-lasting pigment keeps color alive and adds to vitality | Natural, moist, and glowing look


TIRTIR My Glow Aqua Cushion Blusher (8g)
  • Easy-to-use cushion blusher – thin and transparent colour makes it easy for beginners to complete a juicy make-up
  • Water Bloom Glower™ and other plant extracts nourish skin with moisture and nutrients for a natural glowing complexion and adds to the skin’s vitality
  • Create a natural, moist, and glossy glow and helps protect skin and soothe skin while make-up
  • Patented double-sealed containers maintain the feeling of first use until the end

How to use: Based on the shape of your face

  1. An angled face: Apply it diagonally from the inside to the outside, centering on the cheekbones
  2. Egg face shape: Draw a circle that spreads slightly around the center of the cheekbones
  3. Long line face: Apply horizontally and long around the cheekbones

Line up:  Red cushionSilver cushion | Pink cushion | Black cushion

Makeup Cleanser: TIRTIR Rosemary Pure PH Balancing Cleansing Pad

TIRTIR My Glow Aqua Cushion Blusher TIRTIR My Glow Aqua Cushion Blusher




#02 Pink, #03 Coral

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