TIRTIR Ceramic Peptifill Cream

Daily skin anti-ageing relief | Moisturing lasting 168-hour | Improve overall skin angle lifting, skin transparency & tone-up lasting 48-hour, facial blemishes and brightness of dark circles around eyes | Pore improvement

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TIRTIR Ceramic Peptifill Cream  (50ml)

Moisturing | Firming | Radiance (Daily Anti-Ageing Care Cream, Lock your skin time with a different level of Technology)

  • Unique technology that contains next-generation ring-type peptides (Patented ingredients)
  • Effective in strengthening youthfulness, anti-aging, whitening and improving wrinkles
  • Daily skin anti-ageing relief and moisturizing effect and 168 hours anti-ageing holding effect
  • Deep-term wrinkle improvement and 48-hour lasting effects after one-time use
  • Helps improve overall skin angle lifting in 4 weeks (10 lifting improvement / around eyes, cheeks, forehead, mouth, jawline)
  • Pore improvement effect
  • Illuminates skin transparency & tone-up and last 48 hours
  • Improve facial blemishes (pigmentation) and brightness of dark circles around the eyes after 2 weeks
  • Fragrance: ROSE scent
  • Hypoallergenic tested

Recommend to:
✅ Those who get dry easily and develop wrinkles
✅ Those who want to feel the total anti-ageing effect
✅ Those who are concerned about increasing dullness and blemishes
✅ Those who want firm skin condition and elasticity

Video: https://youtube.com/shorts/tji_yXCFNGs?feature=share

2024 Singles Cosmetics Awards “Best Cream” Award: https://youtube.com/shorts/5QixTncome0?feature=share

How to Use
Apply an appropriate amount from the cream stage gently along the skin texture and press it lightly to absorb it.

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TIRTIR Ceramic Peptifill Cream

TIRTIR Ceramic Peptifill CreamTIRTIR Ceramic Peptifill Cream

TIRTIR Ceramic Peptifill Cream

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