TIRLIFE Biotin Shampoo 500ml (Strengthen, Deep Cleaning)

Biotin Shampoo |Silicone-FREE|Purifying|Deep Cleaning|Hair Loss Relief Functional Cosmetic|Increases volume of hair|Making scalp healthy|Completed clinical trial test


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TIRLIFE Biotin-Shampoo (Silicone-FREE)500ml (Strengthen, Deep Cleaning)
  • Hair Loss Relief Functional Biotin Shampoo
  • Purifying, Deep Cleaning
  • Increases the volume of hair
  • Strengthens hair elasticity and prevents dryness
  • Making scalp healthy with abundant foam
  • Completed clinical trial test


  • Dispense an appropriate amount on fully wet scalp and hair with lukewarm water
  • Evenly massage scalp and hair and rinse with water

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