[NEW] TIRTIR post essay Perfume Body Scrub (200g)

Perfume body scrub for smooth and soft skin texture | Daily exfoliating care | Skin protection & moisturizing care | Hypoallergenic test completed


[NEW] TIRTIR post essay Perfume Body Scrub (200g)

A moment of relaxation | Refreshing body ritual time with incense

Perfume body scrub for smooth and soft skin texture

📍 Daily exfoliating care with no burden, even if you use it every day
Gently care for old body skin with raw scrub containing particles, delight, and hibiscus flower extracts.

📍 5 fragrances that are rich to the core
From a white flower that looks like life Citrus, Sandalwood, Unique Amber, and even Musk
Experience 5 sensory scents that wake you up during the shower.

📍 Skin Protection & Moisturizing Care | Skin Hypo-irritation Test Completed
It contains pycnogenol and 6 seed oils that take care of skin tired of the external environment and is recommended for those who need exfoliation care and deep moisturization.

*6 seed oils: sunflower seed oil, grape seed oil, jojoba seed oil, oat kernel oil, sweet almond, and argan kernel oil

[Effective, smooth daily dead skin care]

This raw scrub containing pumice stone, perlite, and hibiscus flower extract gently cares for dead skin cells on the body.
Feel the moisturizing feeling without drying out with the gel-type texture that applies moisturizing.
*The black granules in the scrub are hibiscus flower extract, so there is no problem with the contents.

📍 Use TIP
After using the body wash, rub a moderate amount in a cup with water and gently rub it like you massage the whole body, then rinse with low-temperature water.
If you feel irritated when using it, it is recommended to boil a small amount of water or use it only in areas where the quality is of concern.

Video: https://youtu.be/6M3tFp_pmsE



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