#Buy1get1 Natural Shine LUX- Triple Lip Cure Balm

No chemical pigments| tar-free | All-in-One beauty and healthy | Natural colouring extracted from red pomegranate | No need to remove lip makeup | Leave It On All Night | Exfoliate dead skin cells | Restore moisture | Suitable for sensitive, dry lips or pregnant woman


Natural Shine “NS” – Korea’s first “natural colour make-up line. Natural Shine insists on 100% all-natural ingredient principles to protect the skin’s natural healthy beauty from irritants. Not simply give colours and cover. NS Lip Care develops colour cosmetics that can also protect and improve skin conditions.

With 13+ years of research and development, we promise the best quality products made by using unique natural cosmetics blending technology. No animal testing. No harmful ingredients. Strive for CleanBeauty.

“So Natural, Leave It On All Night” Natural Shine’s all-natural colour cosmetics can be used safely on sensitive skin. It is safe enough for pregnant women, moms, and children.

In addition, do not use excessive packaging materials and sugar cane ingredients for packaging.

LUX- Triple Lip Cure Balm

Lip balm can be put on all night

  • All natural ingredients
  • Tar-free does not contain any chemical pigments
  • Natural tone extracted from pomegranate
  • Suitable for sensitive skin and pregnant women
  • Exfoliate dead skin cells
  • Certified that after 14 days of continuous use, it can help improve the condition of the lips and restore moisture and fullness
  • High-colour rendering can be layered to create different effects


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